Here are links and information for things that aren’t hosted on the portal – for example the systems where you book your holidays or access your payslip.

The main systems we use at SJOG:

Access Workspace

  • For payslips
  • Claiming back expenses
  • Authorising invoices

Access HR

  • Manage your annual leave and to book holidays


  • Where all your and your services work documents and files are stored

SJOG’s website


Showcases the great work of SJOG to external stakeholders but also to our internal stakeholders – you our colleagues. Our news section is regularly updated as well as the publications section, and you’ll find out more about all of SJOG’s services around the country.

SJOG portal


Hosting a whole range of resources including policies, training info, online booking, info on colleague benefits, mental health support.


Careskills Academy

  • Log in to the external online training resource

SJOG Community

Our internal social media


When you first join SJOG you will receive an invite by email to join. Please accept this to benefit from keeping social with your colleagues and for updates and news.


Where can I view my payslip?

This can be found on Access HR https://sjog-hr.accessacloud.com

Where can I find my P60?

This can be found on Access HR: https://sjog-hr.accessacloud.com

Where do I go to submit a holiday request?


How do I get my SJOG email address?

Contact our IT team at: itrequests@sjog.org.uk

How do I book a training course or my induction?

SJOG Portal - (Book courses section) https://sjog.uk/portal/courseindex.php

How do I view SJOG benefits?

SJOG Portal - (Rewards and Benefits section) http://www.sjogportal.uk/benefitsindex.php

How do I get a Blue Light Card?


How do I request IT equipment?

Request IT Equipment

Where do I go to submit expenses claim


Where can I find the latest version of the SJOG directory?

SJOG Portal - (Information section) www.sjogportal.uk

Where do I find SJOG’s policies and procedures?

SJOG Portal - (Policies and Procedures section) https://sjog.uk/portal/polindex.php

Where do I go for budget info?


Where do I go for petty cash?


Where do I go for management reports?


Where do I get an ID badge?

These should be sent to new starters as soon as their employment begins. If for some reason you don't get one, please contact the People Team and they will arrange for one to be made. Email for the People Team is peopleteam@sjog.org.uk

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